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Could you claim the top spot?

At Bally Casino, entertainment is the name of the game. We know our players have high standards, so we're always on the lookout for new, bigger and bolder ways to keep you happy. And Slot Masters – a multiplayer competitive slot game – is just one of the ways we deliver on that promise.  And that's not even the best part; Slot Masters is free to play!  

What we love about Slot Masters is that it has a little slice of everything that makes online gaming so action-packed – classic slots with a bingo twist, a competitive edge as you race to the leaderboard, and (of course) the opportunity to win points and collect prizes. Intrigued? We thought so.

But don't think we're going to let our buds get started without filling you in on all the details! Nuh-uh. We knew you'd be just as excited about Slot Masters as we are, which is why we've laid out everything you need to know about the game in one place for you to check out. You're welcome.

Slot Games vs Slot Masters 

We promised you bigger and bolder, and that's what you're going to get! Using a classic casino slot machine as the base game, Slot Masters is an awesome way to experience a fresh take on an iconic slot game.  

The exact game switches up regularly, but you can be sure they'll all deliver thrilling entertainment. We're talking Cash in the Keep, Big River Fishing and the charming Rainbow Riches slot game – these are big players in the slot world, folks!  

Slot Masters takes the same game play that shot the slot to fame in the first place and then adds more. More symbols? You bet. More players? Plenty. More action? We've got you.  

Forget solo spinning, in Slot Masters, you'll be competing against other online slot players to earn the highest score of the points. The better your winning combinations, the more points you'll bank – exactly what you need to come up top. We told you this was different to your traditional online slot game.  

And we know part of the fun of a competition is watching it all play out, so you won't just watch your own reels spin. You'll also get a view of your opponent's reels spinning in real time, so you can keep track of their score as the action unfolds. The exact number of players can vary, but you'll always face at least two opponents ready and keen to battle it out. 

Get strategic with weapons 

Let's talk competition. See, there are more twists to Slot Masters than just watching your opponents rack up their slot scores. Introducing: slot weapons 

To help you score like a champ, Slot Masters has a range of weapons for you to deploy against your fellow players. Just wait for the War Chest to land on your third reel during a spin to choose what you're using against which player.  

But don't hang around! Speed is your pal here, as the chest will close after just a few seconds. And careful you don't hit that 'Spin' button before you've made your mind up – youll lose the War Chest and all the weapons inside. 

  • Archer – freezes the middle reel on your chosen opponent's grid. 
  • Freeze – freezes all the reels on your opponent’s grid for five seconds. If you're looking for ways to buy some extra time, this is the weapon for you. 
  • Lock – the clue is in the name here. This weapon will lock your opponent's War Chest for five full seconds. 
  • Sword – a bold manoeuvre that slashes your opponent's balance in half. 
  • Thief – looking for an easy way to gain points? Use this weapon to steal half of your opponent's balance and add it to your own. 
  • Shield – this is one for players who prefer a defensive tactic. The Shield protects you from incoming attacks for a set period. 


Tournaments explained 

Didn't win the battle? Don't sweat it if you don't beat your first set of opponents. Slot Masters is more than just a single game – it's a tournament.

Each tournament involves a series of epic battles (usually two or three), that you can dive into for the chance to build up as many points as possible and climb the leaderboard. Every battle counts, so be sure to join if you want to boost your score. 

Player positions are highlighted on the tournament leaderboard featured on-site. If you find yourself sitting pretty at the top of the leaderboard when the tournament ends, then we've got good news for you, champ! A Slot Masters prize will be on its way to you. 

Slot Masters prizes 

You might not need to wager the big bucks to play Slot Masters, but don't go thinking the prizes aren't worth any! We're big on rewards at Bally Casino, and Slot Masters is no different.  

Climb to the top of the leaderboard and we'll reward the top masters with free slot spins or a cash prize. And we don't dilly dally here, so you can expect to receive your prize within 72 hours of the results being declared. Just remember this can take a little longer if you're playing on a Bank Holiday. 


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