Share the Bally Casino Action with Your Buds

Want to make some bucks? We've got you. Invite your buds to share the excitement of Bally Casino for the chance to receive a reward!

Grab your best buds and get ready for action!

What's better than experiencing epic entertainment? Experiencing epic entertainment with your buddies. 

See, we know you love playing your way online, but not at the expense of socialising with your friends, old and new. The excitement of players talking over the gameplay as it unfolds or sharing their tips on the freshest titles to hit our casino floor is all part of the fun!  

Whether you're new around here or a seasoned Bally player, we're inviting you to share the Bally Casino action with your best buds, with our generous Refer a Friend scheme. Not only will y'all get to experience authentic American gaming together, but we'll also drop you some bucks as a reward*.  


How to send a ticket to the Ballyverse 

Inviting your buds to step into the bright lights of Bally Casino is simple. Just hit the menu button at the top of your screen and cruise on over to the 'Refer a Friend' section.  

Here you'll be able to generate a custom link created specially for your friends to use when they sign up. It's not a physical golden ticket but don't go thinking it's any less special! Nuh-uh. This link will automatically add your referral when it's used, which is what you need to see some bucks.  

Lost the link? Don't sweat it. You can still land your referral reward if your bud uses your Bally Casino username or email address during the sign up process.  


Your referral reward 

For each friend you refer that signs up to join the Bally action, we'll reward you with £20*. But we don't stop there! We pride ourselves on our generous nature here at Bally Casino, which is why we're giving you five invites to send to your friends. So none of your buds are left out of the fun.  

Successfully use all five referrals and we'll drop an incredible £100 into your account. We're playing with the big bucks now, folks. 

What does my friend need to do? 

Let's talk details. There are two things your friends need to do to complete the referral process: deposit £10 or more into their shiny new Bally Casino account and meet the wagering requirements set out below. 

Percentage of each wager on the game that will contribute towards the wagering requirements
Total amount that needs to wagered if they're only playing this game type
Casino games (excluding Blackjack) 2.5%£1600
Blackjack0% (no contribution)n/a

It's Go time: Games to play together 

Whether you're hitting the casino floor with old friends or new, we have an awesome collection of games available to dive into together. We're talking thrilling blackjack tables, slick poker tournaments and even action-packed slot competitions.  

Consider yourself a seasoned casino player? Then you'll be no stranger to blackjack. One of the most popular card games in brick-and-mortar casinos around the world, blackjack tables are an iconic sight on any casino floor. 

Grab your buds and take your pick of our range of incredible tables to join the race to 21 for yourself! Not sure where to start? Our Signature Live Blackjack tables are sure to entertain.  

If poker is more your thing, then roll up to one of our online poker tables. Whether you're looking to flex your poker bluffs or try your hand for the first time, we've got something for the whole crew. Epic tournaments? We got you. Casually cool tables? You bet. Take a look for yourself.  

And our casino games aren't the only way to experience some excitement with your friends – though we have plenty of those. For players who prefer sensational slot spins, we've got just the thing. Say hello to Slot Masters tournaments!  

Whatever your game of choice is, don't forget our live chat feature! You don't need to play the same game to share the fun here – with our free live chat feature, you can keep up to date with your buds as the action unfolds. That's the Bally Casino way. 

Want to hear more about Bally rewards? We've got you covered. Head over to the Bally Casino blog, where you can find more behind-the-scenes action, plus the latest releases and how-to guides.