Casino Random Number Generators Explained

Step behind the scenes of modern-day casino games and find out all you need to know about the software charged with keeping things fair.

Get to know the tech behind online casino games.

Step onto a land-based casino floor and you'll have a front row seat to all the action. Keen to watch the ball spin around the roulette wheel in real-time? Or see the dealer pull the next card onto the table? In a land-based casino, you can!  

It's one of the perks of playing in a land-based casino that you can't argue with; the ability to watch the gameplay yourself is a guaranteed way to instil trust that the game is fair.  

But don't go thinking that online casino games aren't just as fair! Nuh-uh. Thanks to a handy software called 'Random Number Generator' (or 'RNG' for short), the outcome of virtual casino games is completely fair and without bias – so you can kick back and spin from your front room without stressing about whether the game is fixed or not. 

Never heard of RNGs before? Don't sweat it if you haven't got all the casino slang down yet. We have everything you need to know about the software tasked with the job of keeping the entertainment fair. 


What are Random Number Generators? 

A Random Number Generator is a microprocessor (that's IT-speak for a tiny chip containing a computer algorithm) that sits pretty inside the online casino game and decides the next move.  

RNG microprocessors may be small, but they are mighty. Working around the clock for as long as the game's plugged in, RNGs generate random numbers between zero and around 4 billion every single millisecond. These numbers correspond to a move in the game, generating all the action without the need for a dealer. 

Sure, y'all could argue that RNGs are actually 'Pseudo Random Number Generators' (PRNGs), since the computer has to have been built by someone. But, with so many numbers generated all the time, RNGs are as close to random as you can get.  

The role of Random Number Generators in online casinos 

Online casinos are awesome spaces. Packed with all the freshest games, with plenty of promotions and offers thrown on top, playing online is a great way to experience classic Vegas entertainment at your fingertips. But the classic casino feature that you won't find online? Dealers.  

Unless you're playing in one of our slick live casino games, you won't encounter any dealers while playing online casino games. Forget waiting for the dealer to reveal the next card or announce the start of the game. Online casino games give you the power to decide when the next move happens, and when the action begins.  

That's where Random Number Generators come in. Without a team of dealers on hand to shuffle the cards and spin the wheel, online casino games need RNGs to decide what the next move is. When the reels stop spinning? That's down to the RNG. And which card is dealt next? Also the RNG's job. 

Using a RNG is a sure-fire way to keep the action fair. In fact, did you know it's part of the checks carried out by the UK Gambling Commission? Well now you do! If an online casino is licensed by our buds over at the UKGC, then you know their RNG is fair.  

And if you're after extra reassurance, then it's worth looking for an eCOGRA certificate on their website – this demonstrates that their software has been inspected by an independent body. You can find ours sitting in pride of place in the footer of this page.  


Which games use Random Number Generators? 

To cut a long story straight, all online casino games (apart from live studio casino games) use Random Number Generators. But it's not just online casino games! Hit the floor of a brick-and-mortar casino and you'll find RNGs in the slot machines and video casino games.  

While we love it when players get involved in the action, there's no need to pull any slot levers these days. Not only did the introduction of high-tech computers supersize the gaming action, it also swapped out the manual levers and gears for simple-to-use buttons. So all you need to do is hit 'Spin' or 'Play' to kickstart the fun. 

In online casinos, RNGs are used in all the games available to play. We're talking online slots, the online roulette tables, blackjack, slingo, poker and more – they're all powered by RNG software!  

Slick slot spinners will know that there aren't any slot games that feature four billion outcomes (even Megaways games, which are known for reaching epic numbers of paylines fall short here) and the same can be said for the rest of the casino games found online.  

The wizzes behind RNGs thought of that too, so they built the software to make sure that the numbers produced by RNGs are mapped out to the right set of possible outcomes. This is impressive tech, folks. By using RNGs in the online casino games, no one knows what the next card or spin will reveal, which is all part of the thrill.  


Winning and losing streaks explained 

Pull up a seat at any casino game and you’re bound to encounter winning and losing streaks. From playing witness to a big baller's experience to being hot player taking home all the wins at the table, sometimes it seems like the wins just keep coming. Or like you just can't catch a break. That's called a streak, buds. 

Before you declare the game rigged, remember that the RNG software is there to make sure things are random. That means it isn't possible to rig the game unless the RNG has been hacked – which will cost the online casino its operating license. You want to avoid those cowboys! 

It's possible for the RNG to trigger multiple wins or losses in a row, but these are all completely random. No one knows when the streak will end or how long it will last for. Just saddle up and watch the action unfold. 


Don't dilly, dally. Get spinning! 

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