How to Stay Safe While Playing Online Casino Games

Taking all the casino action online? Here’s what you need to know to keep your details safe and secure.

Do you know these top tips?

The internet was a (literal) gamechanger for many things. Gaming being one of them. Just three years after the internet hit our screens, it's estimated that there were over 200 online casinos delivering a slice of gaming action to people's fingertips. That's a lot of online casinos. 

And the appetite for playing casino games hasn't slowed down since the 90's. Today, online casinos are awesome spaces. Forget booking a flight to the USA for an epic casino experience! Nowadays, you can spin the roulette wheel, try your hand at blackjack and even chat to fellow players all while sitting on your sofa.  

But, just like all thing's internet-related, taking the action online does mean you need to be more careful about keeping yourself safe. See, when you sign up to become a member of an online casino, chances are they'll ask you for some personal details to double-check you are who you say you are, and to make sure that you have the funds to play with. 

This isn't like a land-based casino where you can flash your I.D. and the cash! Nuh-uh. Online casinos have a set of rules that they need to play by, to make sure they're keeping you safe.  

That's where we come in. Check out our top five tips for making sure you're playing somewhere that puts your safety in number one spot.  


Step 1: Know how to choose a safe online casino 

It's no good landing an incredible progressive jackpot if the casino won't pay it to you, or if you lose your details to fraudsters. Be sure to avoid playing on cowboy casino sites – these sites give our buds in the Wild West a bad name. You know the ones we're talking about; The gambling websites that looks and feel like they've been built in a single afternoon offering the world? Keep scrolling past these.  

Don't sweat it if you aren't sure how to tell the cowboys from real things. Here's what you need to look out for: 

Do they have a licence to operate? 

With the launch of the internet drumming up a business boom, the online casino industry needed someone to keep an eye out for any rogue casinos risking players' safety. Enter our sheriff: The Gambling Commission. Established in 2007, the Gambling Commission is a government body tasked with the important job of regulating all commercial gambling businesses in Great Britain.  

Arcades, betting shops, game machine providers, the lottery and, of course, online casino sites – these are all licensed and regulated by the 'GC'. How can you tell a business has the stamp of approval from the Gambling Commission? It's not quite a stamp, but it's close enough! The Gambling Commission will grant a licence, which means they've deemed the business will act in an honest, fair and safe way. 

So, before you sign up to a new casino website, see if you can find their licence. You shouldn't have to look too long – if you don't see the licence details on the homepage or in their privacy policy, then it's a red flag. Want to see ours? Scroll on down to the bottom of this page. You'll find it sitting in pride of place in our footer.  

Is their website secure? 

Show us an icon that says 'secure' more than a padlock. Finding a padlock symbol in front of the URL in your browser's address bar is a bright green flag. This tiny lock means that your connection to the casino website is encrypted with a Secure Sockets Layer (we'll call this SSL for short), signalling that all your personal data is protected from any hackers. 

How big is their online presence? 

Take a trip to Vegas and you'll usually be able to spot the best land-based casinos by the size of bustling crowds. And it's no different with online casino sites! A good way to find out whether an online casino is safe is to check their online presence.  

We're talking review sites, social media accounts and even how comprehensive their website is. Do they only have one page on their website and no social media accounts? Be wary of these sites, folks.  

You want to find a virtual casino that has plenty of content on their website, exciting social media posts and proof that they engage with their community. Now, not to brag, but Bally Casino has over 40,000 keen followers on Facebook, with regular prizes given away in our comment section!  

Do they put their players first? 

Online casinos are meant to be awesome spaces, where you can dive into the freshest selection of games and take the hottest casino names for a spin. They're not just about the games, though. See, online casinos are also about delivering entertaining experiences, which means putting the player at the heart of everything. That's you, champ! 

Look for signs that the casino cares about delivering a gaming experience that's safe, responsible and customisable to your playing style. These could be offering a variety of payment methods for you to choose from, a hands-on customer service team or options to set session reminders or cool-off periods. 

Are they easy to contact? 

Talking of a hands-on customer service team, how easy are they to get in touch with? Here at Bally Casino, we're big on service. That means we deliver 24/7 customer support. 

So, whether you're having technical issues or you're just eager to chat about your account, you can pop us a message at any time of day. The best bit? It's free! That's right, our live chat service is free-to-use. Just send your message and watch as our professional advisors respond. 

Step 2: Pick a password that's tough to crack 

A virtual casino site can be secure, but you should still protect your details as much as you can. That means picking a strong password! 

You know what we're talking about – a password should include all the fancy characters that make it tough to guess. Random capital letters? Add in a few of these. A mixture of symbols and numbers? You bet. The goal is to produce something that's memorable yet obscure enough that no one can crack it. 

Step 3: Keep your personal details, personal 

We know you love playing your way online, but not at the expense of gaming with your buddies, old and new! That's why we boast awesome free-to-use chat rooms, specially designed just for you to socialise with your fellow players while watching the action unfold. 

But while our chat rooms are incredible spaces, it's still worth remembering to be mindful of what you share. Just like you would when playing at a land-based casino table game. Your full name? You could get away with this if you’ve got a common name like Mr Smith, but your full address and contact details? Leave these out of the conversation. 

And avoid those public Wi-Fi networks if you're spinning on the go. These could leave you open to having your personal details even if you haven't shared them in chat. Password-protected private Wi-Fi is the way to go, folks! 

Step 4: Be mindful of payment and withdrawal methods 

The bigger, and more reputable, online gaming sites will have multiple banking and withdrawal options for you to choose from. And the best ones should prefer debit card payments and platforms such as PayPal – just like we do. Keep your distance from casino sites that ask for bank transfers or crypto, and always double-check your facts before transferring any money.  

At Bally Casino, you can keep an eye on the status of your transactions in your member's area. There are no fees for withdrawing your funds, and we aim to process all withdrawals within 24 hours. So, you can enjoy your winnings! 

Step 5: Go ahead and check out their Responsible Gambling toolkit 

Remember what we said about the best casino websites putting the players first? That's where the Responsible Gambling toolkit comes into play! Designed to help you tailor your gaming experience to you, Responsible Gambling tools are an awesome way to keep the fun, fun. 

It's a good sign if the casino is proud to explain the contents of their Responsible Gambling toolkit on their website. Go on, check ours out to find out what you could enjoy as a member of Bally Casino.  

And that's it. All you need to know to stay safe while playing online! Ready to dive in? Of course, you are. Go on, hit that 'Join Now' button to enjoy our iconic American gaming experience while knowing we've got your safety covered. 

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