Daily Paper

Play Daily Paper, our brilliant Daily Free Game that gives you the chance to win up to 50 free spins

    Daily Paper Free Game Overview

    This free game is played out using a grid made up of 90 squares.

    Select one of the numbered squares, and whatever is hidden will be revealed.

    Free spins on Paper Wins or Paper Wins Jackpot are hidden behind some squares.

    If you reveal a no win paper, it is classed as a miss.

    On each day you will be able to make six selections, which will remain as they are for the remainder of the week.

    Reveal matching symbols to collect free spins.

    On the prize table on the left-hand side of your screen, you can check the amount of matching symbols you require to win the free spins:

    Number of Symbols Required
    Prize Awarded
    Cherry35 free spins
    Bar 447 free spins
    Double Bar510 free spins
    Seven615 free spins
    Free Hols720 free spins
    Sports830 free spins
    Celeb Gossip940 free spins
    TV Fun1050 free spins

    The game board is kept for a week when you play Daily Paper, which is available every single day.

    You don't have to wager any money when you play Daily Paper, however to be eligible for this game you must have previously deposited at least £10 on-site.

    A new game will start every Monday at 00:01, ending on a Sunday at 23:59. This gives you seven full days to play each game.

    Your six selections have to be made between 00:01 and 23:59.

    Qualification for the monthly game is achieved by playing at some point during the month, though you must return on the final day of the month.

    Monthly Headline Picks

    Headline Picks is our free monthly game that gives you another opportunity to trigger free spins, taking place on the final day of each month.

    For every day that you accessed Daily Paper during the month, one pick will be awarded.

    In order to qualify for Headline Picks, you are required to play Daily Paper between 00:01 and 23:59 on the final day of the month.

    In this game, you will chose papers on a 7x7 grid, where you could be awarded a maximum of 20 free spins to be played on our online slot games Paper Wins or Paper Wins Jackpot.

    When you play Headline Picks for the first time, you will receive a one-off bonus of one free pick for each day that the current game has been active.