Slot Masters

Enjoy our multiplayer Slot Masters Tournaments, with the chance to win free spins or cash prizes!

    Slot Masters Free Game Overview

    Slot Masters is an exciting game, where you must use your skills to take on other players to climb the leaderboard.

    If your name is on the top spot when all games have been played, you could win free spins or a cash prize.

    How To Play

    These games consist of either two or three battles, and your aim is to take down your opponents and register as many points as possible in each battle.

    You'll be able to play around two or three battles in each tournament.

    In order to play Slot Masters, you don't have to place a wager with real money - just press the 'Play' button and the battle will get underway.

    Each battle can last a maximum of two minutes, and you will win points by matching symbols on adjacent reels, just as you would in a regular online slot game.

    A range of weapons are added to your inventory when the game begins, and the number shown on each of them indicates the number of times that they can be used throughout the battle.

    ArcherThe middle reel on your opponent's screen will be frozen.
    FreezeEach of your opponent's reels will be frozen for five seconds, so they cannot spin.
    LockYour opponent's War Chest is frozen for a total of five seconds.
    SwordYour opponent's balance is sliced in half.
    ThiefTakes half of your opponent's balance away and adds it to your balance.
    ShieldFor a short period, your opponents will not be able to attack you.

    When a War Chest appears on reel 3, you will be able to use one of your weapons.

    Once the War Chest is in place, it will open and your remaining weapons are shown. You will then have a short amount of time to make your pick.

    If you hit 'Spin' too quickly, you will lose out on your War Chest.


    When the battle is over, the players at the top of the leaderboard with the most points will receive free spins or a cash prize.

    You can expect to receive your award within 72 hours of the revealing of the final leaderboard.