Doubly Bubbly

Pop some bubbles in Doubly Bubbly, a free game that gives you the chance to trigger free spins or cash prizes.

    Doubly Bubbly Free Game Overview

    Play for free on a 10x9 grid in Double Bubbly.

    In this free game, you must choose tiles to unveil the icons hidden behind. If you have matching icons, you could be awarded free spins on our online slots Double Bubble, Double Bubble Jackpot or Double Bubble Triple Jackpot, or even some cash prizes of up to £750!

    For every day that you play Doubly Bubbly, you will have six picks.

    Number of Matching Symbols Required
    Prize Awarded
    Lucky 735 spins
    Grapes410 spins
    Cherries550 spins
    Green Soap8£20
    Blue Soap9£250

    You will only be able to play Doubly Bubbly if you have previously deposited £10 or more on-site.


    Instant Wins

    Instant Win icons can award a maximum of 50 free spins if they are revealed while you are making your picks.

    Any free spins that you trigger will be playable once your free game has ended.

    No more than one Instant Win icon can be awarded in a single day, and you may not discover one over the course of a week.

    Monthly Bonus Game

    More cash prizes and free spins are up for grabs at the end of every month!

    Whenever you play Doubly Bubbly, you will receive a single pick to be used on the free monthly game on the last day of the month.

    You will only be able to play the monthly game if you access Doubly Bubbly between 00:01 and 23:59 on the final day of the month.

    The monthly game is played on a 7x7 grid, where you will have to select bubbles to reveal prizes.

    A maximum cash prize of £100 can be hidden behind a bubble, or a possible 10 free slot spins which can be played on any of the following games: Double Bubble, Double Bubble Jackpot or Double Bubble Triple Jackpot slot games.

    A one-off bonus will be awarded when you play the monthly game for the first time, which is a pick for each day that the current game has been active.