Deal Or No Deal Live

Take on the Banker in real-time in Deal Or No Deal Live.

    Deal Or No Deal Live Game Overview

    To begin the game, spin the bank vault and successfully align the gold segments in the upper central sector.

    Easy & Very Easy Options

    You can buy one or two rings by choosing 'Easy' or 'Very Easy'.

    These rings will be automatically aligned on top to improve your chances of qualifying for the show.

    Choosing 'Easy' will add one ring and increase your bet value by three.

    Choosing 'Very Easy' will add two rings and increase your bet value by nine.

    You will need to choose your option within the time shown on-screen to qualify.

    If you run out of time, then you will automatically be offered qualification for the next round.

    Qualifying Wheel

    You can spin the wheel as many times as you like within the time shown on-screen.

    Each spin will cost the selected bet amount.

    A bigger bet value will offer bigger values in the qualifying briefcases.

    The briefcase with the greatest value will be set at 75x-500x your bet with each spin,

    You can choose any briefcase to hold the greatest value prize at any point during the qualification round.

    The Top Up Wheel

    Once you have qualified, you can spin the Top Up Wheel to boost the prize in your biggest-value briefcase.

    Choose to top up the prize by 5x-50x your bet and spin the wheel.

    Each spin of the Top Up Wheel will cost your selected bet value. 

    The Top Up Wheel can be spun as many times as you like in the time shown on the timer.


    The Main Game

    Your chosen briefcase will be shown at the front of the studio by the game host and the Banker hotline. 

    15 briefcases are randomly laid out in two rows further back.

    Each briefcase is assigned a number from one to 16 and a hidden prize value.

    The prize values will be shown on the sides of the screen.

    Every time a briefcase is opened, the prize value will be shown and the briefcase will be rendered inactive.



    First Opening and Offer

    In the first round, three briefcases are opened and a Deal or No Deal offer is presented by the Banker.

    Opting to accept the deal will award the value shown in the winning message.

    You can choose to return to the qualification round if you accept a deal.

    Rejecting the deal will resume play.

    If you run out of time before making a decision, then it will be assumed that you have rejected the deal.

    Second Opening and Offer

    In the second round, another four random briefcases will be opened and the process will repeat as in the first opening.

    Third Opening and Offer

    In the third round, another four random briefcases are opened and the process will repeat.


    Fourth Opening and Final Offer

    In the final round, three random briefcases are opened.

    Two briefcases will be left unopened - yours and one other.

    You will receive three options from the Banker: Deal, Switch Briefcases or No Deal.

    Choosing to accept the deal will award the winnings.

    If you opt to switch briefcases then you will take the other briefcase and the Banker will take yours.

    Opting to reject the deal will mean that you keep your briefcase.


    Return to Player 

    Return To Player (RTP): 95.42%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players in relation to the amount of wagers placed on the game.

    If we take £100 of wagers for example, we will on average pay out £95.42 of wins.