Live Blackjack

Think you could beat the dealer? Pull up a seat to find out in Live Blackjack!

    Live Blackjack Game Overview

    Blackjack fans get ready, because we have some incredible live entertainment lined up for you. 

    Join up to six other players at our spectacular tables hosted by super friendly dealers and watch the action unfold. 

    Sound good? We think so, too. 


    This version of Blackjack uses eight standard decks with 52 cards in each deck. 

    Cards numbered between 2 and 10 are simple to understand, since they are worth their face value. 

    The face cards (Jack, Queen and King) are worth 10. 

    Aces are little more complicated, since they can be worth 1 or 11 - this is entirely dependent on which would benefit your hand more!


    To get Blackjack, your first two cards need to equal exactly 21.

    You'll need to reach Blackjack before anyone else, so it's a race to win in this game!

    First Card

    All players will receive one face-up card to begin with.

    Insurance Bet

    If the dealer's first card is an Ace, then they have some more flexibility to reach Blackjack.

    To offset that risk, you can choose to place an Insurance bet, which counts on the dealer reaching Blackjack. 

    If the dealer does get Blackjack, then your whole bet will be refunded.

    However, if the dealer doesn't have Blackjack, then you will lose the bet.

    The Insurance bet costs 0.5x your stake.

    Double Down, Hit or Stand Options

    These options let you decide what to do next with your hand:

    • Double Down - doubles your original bet and adds another card to your hand.
    • Hit - adds another card. This can be repeated as many times as you like.
    • Stand - keeps your hand as it is.


    Split Option

    This option is only available if your first two cards are worth the same value. 

    Choosing this option will split the cards apart into two new hands. 

    Another bet will need to be placed on the new hand - this will be worth the same value as the original bet.

    Side Bets

    If you want to shake things up a bit, then take a look at our side bets.

    There are two side bets to choose from in this game: Perfect Pairs and 21+3.


    Perfect Pairs

    If your first two cards are one of the following pairs, then you would win a Perfect Pairs payout if you placed this side bet.

    Perfect PairSame suit
    Coloured PairDifferent suits of the same colour
    Mixed Pair Same suits


    If your first two cards form one of the following combinations when added to the dealer's first card, then you would win a payout if you had placed a 21+3 side bet.

    Suited TripsAn identical triplet (e.g) 3 Queens of Hearts
    Straight FlushIn numerical sequence and the same suit
    Three of a KindSame value but different suits
    StraightIn numerical sequence but different suits
    FlushSame suit

    Bet Behind Feature

    Feeling confident about another player's hand? Then our Bet Behind feature might be for you, bud. 

    This feature will let you place a bet on another player's hand at your table.

    Take a look a the Hot Player feature to see who is on a winning streak. 

    The number shown on the Hot Player icon will signal how many consecutive wins that player has had.

    Return To Player

    The optimal theoretical payout percentage is:  

    • Blackjack – 99.28%
    • Perfect Pairs bet – 95.90%
    • 21+3 bet – 96.30%