Play MONOPOLY Big Baller and jump into the thrill of live casino with a Bingo twist!

    MONOPOLY Big Baller Game Overview 

    The bet sizes available in MONOPOLY Big Baller range from 10p to £50.


    How to Play

    To start MONOPOLY Big Baller, place a wager on at least one Chance and/or Free Space card.

    The maximum amount of cards you can wager on is four.

    Each card will feature a 5x5 grid.

    After you have placed your wager, the card(s) that you have bet on will generate a set of numbers that range from one to 60.

    You're able to change a Chance card into a Free Space card and vice versa.

    Chance Card & Free Space Card

    • Chance card - the centre position is guaranteed to be a multiplier and free spaces can be added to the card later on.
    • Free Space card - the centre position is a free space, which can increase the chances of a line being formed.

    Free Spaces and Multipliers

    After the betting period, random free spaces and multipliers will be added to your card(s) at random.

    Types of Chance Multipliers

    There are three types of Chance multipliers available in this game:

    • Standard - the multiplier value is applied to any line displaying the multiplier.
    • Line - pays out if you win the line that the multiplier is displayed on.
    • Global - the multiplier value is applied to all winning lines on the card.

    To activate a multiplier, a ball needs to be drawn that matches with the number displaying the multiplier.

    Ball Drawing

    After free spaces and/or multipliers have been added to your card(s), 20 balls are drawn from the machine.

    If any of the numbers of the balls match a number on your card(s), the number will be marked.

    You will win the wager placed on a card if you mark at least one line on that card!


    Bonus Game

    The bonus game will be activated if all numbers for the '3 Rolls' or '5 Rolls' wagering spots are drawn after you have wagered on them.

    There are two dice used for the bonus.

    If the bonus is activated by the '3 Rolls' wager, then the dice rolls three times.

    If the bonus is activated by the '5 Rolls' wager, then the dice roles five times.

    If all the numbers in both wagering spots are drawn, the two different bonus round will play out consecutively. 

    MONOPOLY Board

    The MONOPOLY Big Baller board is played on the iconic MONOPOLY board, with the only difference being every property will display a multiplier.

    Houses and hotels will be built at random points of the bonus, which will increase the multipliers displayed on those positions.

    Board Spaces

    After the dice have been rolled, Mr. MONOPOLY will move along the board by the amount displayed on the dice.

    If Mr. MONOPOLY lands on a Chance or Community Chest position, you'll be charged a fee or receive a random cash prize!

    If Mr. MONOPOLY lands on the 'Go to Jail' position he will be taken to jail.

    Just like in the classic board game, to leave the jail position you'll need to roll a double on the dice.

    You'll receive an extra roll of the dice if you roll a double during the bonus!

    Income Taxes

    Receiving income tax reduces the value of your bonus winnings by 10%.

    The Supertax reduces your winnings by 20%, but only if you have enough bonus winnings.


    Whenever Mr. MONOPOLY passes 'GO', all prizes are doubled! 

    The bonus will end when you have no remaining dice rolls and you'll then receive any bonus winnings. 


    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.10%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game. 

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.10 of wins.