Brush Up on the Different Types of Online Casinos

How much do you know about the world of online casinos? Check out all you need to know about the different online casinos available here.

From casino software to live studios, there's a whole world of online casinos out there.

Keen to experience all the action of Vegas at your fingertips? Say goodbye to booking flights for an All-American road trip! Nowadays, you can tap into all the casino entertainment from your fingertips, thanks to online casinos. 

But don't sweat it if you're new to online casinos. We've tasked our brightest sparks here at Bally Casino with the job of getting you up to speed. We're talking a complete breakdown into the different casinos available on the World Wide Web, the types of online games on offer and how to choose the right online casino for you. 

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The types of online casinos available 

Before you dive into all the awesome games available to play online, let's check out the differences between the casinos that host them. 

See, there isn't just one type of casino available online! Nuh-uh. With so much technology floating around for developers to play with, and different styles of online players wanting a slice of casino action, there are different online casino players to suit different needs. 

Take a dig around the internet and you'll find the top online casinos can be divided into three main types: download-based, live and web-based. 

Download-based online casinos 

Developed in the early days of iGaming, download-based online casinos are built using software which can be installed onto a player's computer. What made these casinos a popular choice? The ability to play without relying on the internet! 

This was a big deal back in the 90s, buds. Dial up might seem like a distant memory, but it's hard to forget the time spent waiting for the internet to load. To avoid the upset of an unstable internet rudely interrupting the action, download-based casinos were downloaded or installed via extensions. 

Choose to install one of these casinos and you'll find the entire collection of games available to play even if you're off the grid. But you'll need to give up storage space on your device and there's always the risk of viruses being hidden in the download, so it's worth double-checking this is the option for you. 

Web-based online casinos 

In the era of superfast internet, web-based software is our champ when it comes to online casino sites! There's no need to download any software to play and forget adding extensions to your browser. 

All you need to do is open your internet browser, sign in or create an account with a casino of your choice, then kick back with all the latest online casino games. Blackjack? You got it. Roulette? You bet. 

From table games to online slots, and even live casino games, there's a wide range of casino games available to play at web-based casino sites. And when you're done playing, just close the tab to stroll out the virtual casino doors. There's a reason web-based casinos are also nicknamed 'Instant Play' casinos! 

Live online casinos 

A popular choice with fans of land-based casinos, live casinos take all the action from the casino floor and take it online. Intrigued? Of course, you are. How it all happens is simple; Live casinos use video cameras and microphones to stream real casino games playing out, so you can play along in real time.

Expect live dealers and the option to chat to real players – some live online casinos even let you call your buddies sitting at your table. So, if you're a keen cards and dice player, live online casinos are worth checking out. 

Want to play some slots too? Then this won't be the casino for you. Live online casinos are dedicated to streaming live casino card games or dice games, which doesn't leave any room for slot machines and Slingo titles. 

The good news, though, is that most web-based casinos offer live casino games nowadays, so you can still enjoy a slice of slick live action while browsing a varied collection of online games. 

Get to know the different types of online gambling 

Now you know the different types of online casino, it's time to brush up on the different types of online gambling. See, there's a whole world of epic online games out there, with plenty of exciting categories for y'all to choose from! 

Three is the magic number in this article, folks, because there are three main types of online gambling games, each with a range of online casinos dedicated to providing the hottest titles in the category.  

Online casino games 

The classic in the iGaming world, the online casino games category is packed with all the icons from land-based casino floors around the world. Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slot machines – these online games all fall into the casino category. It's no wonder online casinos boasting these games are a hit with so many players! 

And the buck doesn't stop with the classics. Dive into an online casino game collection and you'll usually find awesome spin-offs with thrilling bonus rounds and entertaining gameplay in store.  

Online poker  

Poker may be a staple casino game, but with so many dedicated virtual casinos, poker is also its own category. That's right, y'all love poker so much that there are entire casino sites just for poker fans! 

After Moneymaker's rags-to-riches moment in the World Series of Poker 2003, online poker shot to fame as a brilliant casino option for players looking for a slick gaming experience. 

Online sports  

Ever been so sure your sports team was going to win that you'd bet on it? Sports betting is a big business in the online gambling space, with millions of players dabbling in this category in the UK alone. And across the shores, it's a similar story in the USA, as sports fans wager their bucks on their teams to come out on top. 

We're talking basketball, tennis, football, horse racing – these are all available to wager on in the online sports betting category. 

What's the best online casino site to play on? 

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