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Top Poker Games at Bally Casino

It isn't Vegas without those iconic poker tables. Here at Bally Casino, we've got a table for every player. So whether you're looking to flex your poker skills or try your hand for the very first time, we've got you covered.

Our collection of online poker games is packed with a range of stake options, game styles and, most importantly, action! Grab a seat to experience the thrill for yourself.

Wild Seat Poker

Poker Tournaments

Cash+ Poker

How to Play Poker Online

Before you sit down at any of our exciting poker tables, decide how much you want to wager as your buy-in. Then check out our available tables and find a game that matches it. Once you're in, you will have the chance to play online video poker for real money.

To begin, cards are dealt from the left-hand side. Each player will receive two face-down cards, and five will be displayed face-up in the middle of the table. The face-up cards are community cards, and they can be used by everyone aiming to form the ultimate poker hand.

There are four opportunities to bet during a game of poker. The first is after everyone has received their face-up cards. After that, you'll be able to fold, call, or raise every time new community cards are drawn. Up the ante or keep your current hand as it is. The choice is yours.

Now to the really important part. How to win in poker. The aim of the game is to swipe all the chips from the other players at the table. Keep winning hands to collect the chips. If you're the only player left with any chips at the end of the game, then you're the winner! We might even drop a poker jackpot into your account as a reward.

Poker Hands and Rules

New around here? Then you'll want to school up on the poker hands. We've got the basics covered for you just here, so you know which cards to look out for.

  • Royal Flush - 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of the same suit.
  • Straight Flush - Five consecutive cards all of the same suit. This could be 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Hearts, for example.
  • Four of a Kind - All four cards have the same value, which could be four 10s.
  • Full House - Three of a Kind alongside a Pair, e.g. three 9s and two Queens.
  • Flush - Any five cards of the same suit.
  • Straight - Five consecutive cards from different suits.
  • Three of a Kind - Three identical cards.
  • Two Pair - Two different Pairs, e.g. two 7s and two Aces.
  • Pair - Two matching cards, which could be two Kings.
  • High Card - The game isn't over if you haven't formed any of the above hands. Wins can still be awarded just for having the card with the If none of the hands above have been formed, you could win simply by having the card with the greatest value. 2 has the smallest value, with Ace being high.

Poker Terminology

Don't think we're going to let our new poker buds get started without sharing everything we know about poker lingo. We want our players to feel in control of their gaming experience, which means understanding every second of the action.

So, before you dive in, check out some top poker phrases and what they mean.

  • All-in – placing all your remaining chips on a bet.
  • Bad Beat – an unlucky defeat in a hand, usually with the final community card.
  • Big Blind – this position is to the left of the small blind on the table, and the player assigned this role will have to match the mandatory bet in the round.
  • Call – if you wish to match another player’s bet, you will “call”.
  • Face Card - any Jack, Queen or King.
  • Flop – the first three community cards that are dealt following the initial round of betting.
  • Fold – you can forfeit your cards and stop betting by folding, if you feel like you can’t win that round with your hand.
  • Hole Cards – the first two cards that you receive from the dealer, only to be seen by you.
  • Pocket Pair - if your hole cards match, you would have a pocket pair, e.g. two Jacks.
  • Raise - this is when you up the stakes from the most recent bet.
  • River - the last of the five community cards, which is the final card dealt in the game.
  • Split Pot - if two or more players have equal hands, then the winnings from the pot will be divided equally and paid to each player.
  • Turn - the fourth community card, which is added to the game after the second round of betting has taken place.

Cash Games+ Poker

If you're still refining your poker skills, take a seat at our Cash Games+ Online Poker tables. It's all about the fun over here, with real money chips, random table settings and no registration time restrictions. You can learn how to play or improve your skills without the pressure of playing for high stakes, all while enjoying a real money game. Just kick back and watch the action unfold.

Mobile Poker App

Tao into the excitement of our poker games wherever you are with our awesome mobile app! The Bally Casino app brings all the action of Vegas to your fingertips with online poker tables, live casino games and online slot machines fully optimised for your mobile phone.

Go on, search for 'Bally Casino' on the App Store or Google Play Store and hit the 'Download' button to see for yourself.

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How do you choose a poker site?

Ready to dive into a world of online poker? Before you get started, it's important to make sure you're playing at a casino that suits you. Look at the tournaments on offer and the different tables you could join. There should be a range of buy-in prices available to pick from too. The best online casinos are the ones packed with variety and plenty of entertainment for everyone to experience.

Here at Bally Casino, we're all about bringing the very best of the American gaming experience to your fingertips. That means our online casino members can expect more than just an awesome collection of video poker game. Players can also dive into our live chat service, where our dedicated game hosts are waiting to answer any questions you may have.

Sign up today to play the Bally way.

What are the benefits of playing poker online?

All the fun of a classic poker table, without the need to leave the house. We may be new to these shores but, over in the USA, our thrilling land-based casinos can be found in more than ten states. And now we're bringing all our poker entertainment to your fingertips with our dazzling online casino.

Pull up a seat at a time that suits you, play at different tables simultaneously, or even play with multiple hands. With online poker, you're in control of how you play.

And don't worry if you're still working on that poker face. Unlike land-based poker, there are no live tells. Unleash a frown or bust out a celebration move - your fellow players won't be able to see.

How do online poker tournaments work?

You've played plenty of cash games in your time, landed some awesome prizes, and now you consider yourself a poker pro. Sound like you? Then it might be time to claim a spot in one of our online poker tournaments.

Packed with action, poker tournaments are all about competition. Every player who takes part pays a buy-in fee to enter, which we add into a grand pot that forms the tournament prize. To start, everyone will receive the same amount of chips. From then on, it's game on as you go head-to-head with other players to keep your chips and stay in the game. The compulsory blinds and antes will keep things fresh, with the values increasing at regular intervals.

If you lose your chips, then it's game over. The winner is the player who ends up holding all the chips at the end. And remember that prize pot? The winner will receive the biggest share of them all!

How do you win in online poker?

Whether you're playing at a cash table or as part of a tournament, the main aim of poker is to take all the chips away from the other players. Use the cards on the table to create the best possible hand you can and place bets accordingly to swipe those chips. If you're the only player left with any chips, then you'll be the winner! Sit back and watch those awesome prizes drop into your account.

But it's not the end of the game if you have a poor hand. Play your cards right and you could still come out on top. If you suspect your cards might be the weakest at the table, though, then you might want to fold 'em. Knowing when to bow out of the game is a skill worth mastering in poker.

Don't go chasing any losses, folks - playing online is all about having fun. If you need a helping hand keeping things fun, then we have plenty of gaming tools available, from deposit limits to time reminders.

Can I play poker with my friends?

Fancy a bit of competition between friends? No problem. Find an online poker table with enough space for the whole gang, and you and your friends will be able to go head-to-head in that game! As long as there are enough seats for everyone and you all buy in at the same time, then you'll play in the same tournament.

Don't sweat it if there aren't enough seats for all your friends to join. You can either wait for the next table or chat to them while you play at different tables with our free live chat function. Stay up-to-date on how they're getting on in their games, or even share some poker tips with your fellow players. The choice is yours.