Wild Seat Poker

Ready to flex your poker skills? Then pull up a seat at our Wild Seat Poker tables, folks. Played in the style of No Limit Texas Hold'em games, this is a game sure to thrill!

    Wild Seat Poker Game Overview

    Just like Texas Hold’em games, each player will receive two cards before the dealer places five community cards into the middle of the table.

    Use these community cards to make the best hand you can. 

    The players with the best hands will be the poker champs who get to swipe the prize pot!

    How to Bet in Wild Seat Poker

    There are four betting rounds in Wild Seat Poker. 

    1. After you receive your first two cards
    2. After the first three community cards are dealt into the middle of the table
    3. After the fourth community card is revealed
    4. After the fifth and final community card is dealt

    The first player will have the job of deciding whether to Check or Bet at the start of each round. The players after that have to choose whether to Fold, Call or Raise

    At the start of the betting round, the first players is given the option to Check (bet nothing) or Bet. The next player has the option to Fold (give up their cards and leave the hand), Call (match the bet) or Raise (increase the bet).


    Winning a Hand

    There are two routes to winning a poker hand:

    • Get the best hand out of all the players
    • Make everyone else fold with bold bets



    All players pay an amount of money to play in a poker tournament - this money then goes into the prize pool.

    Everyone starts with the same number of chips and stays in the game until they run out of chips.

    The tournament finishes when one player has all of the chips.

    Wild Seat tournaments are slightly different because they only pay out one prize to the winner.


    Wild Seat Poker Tournaments

    Wild Seat Poker tournaments assign random, mystery prizes to each player at the start.

    The prizes in these tournaments can range from twice a player’s buy-in up to jackpot prizes of 10,000x the buy-in.

    Only the winner is awarded their prize. When each player is eliminated they will be shown the prize they could have won.


    Return to Player (RTP)

    Return to Player: 90.00%

    The return to player is the theoretical percentage of buy-ins that are paid out in prizes, on average. This replaces the normal 10% entry fee for tournaments.

    Due to the large jackpots that are possible, the actual percentage awarded can be lower or higher than 90% over the short term.