Flex Your Poker Skills for Free at Bally Casino

Will you take home the poker prize pool?

Flex Your Poker Skills for Free at Bally Casino

Here at Bally Casino, we're all about delivering the ultimate American gaming experience to the UK. And no American gaming experience is complete without poker! A historic staple on casino floors across the USA, poker tables offer thrilling entertainment that's sure to excite. 

But don't go thinking you need to play with the big bucks to experience the action for yourself! Nuh-uh. Whether you’re a new face in poker town, or just keen to flex your poker skills without dropping the big chips, we've got you covered.  

Introducing Chip and Chair, our free-to-play daily poker tournament – perfect for players looking to experience the excitement of Vegas without the high stakes.  


What you need to know 

Chip and Chair isn't just the name of the game; it's also all our members need to play. See, unlike traditional Texas Hold’em poker tournaments, there's no need to place a wager to enter and no way to buy towering stacks of chips to play with.  

Instead, a chair at the table and a single chip is all it takes to win. That's right, folks. Players of this online poker game will start with just one chip, meaning you either fold or go all in with each hand. This is a game of small stakes but bold moves. 

Don't sweat it if you've never played poker before, though. By stripping the game down to basics, there's no need to research the latest poker strategy to hit the block. Just brush up on poker hands and you'll be good to go.  

Think you've got a better hand than your opponents? Then you'll want to go all in. If you don't think you do, then this is the time to fold. It's as simple as that! The player sitting pretty with all the chips at the end of the tournament will be the poker champion.  

Taking the need for strategy out of the game has another benefit too. Forget booking out your calendar especially for a tournament. Chip and Chair is a 20 minute tournament that's perfect for poker players looking for a quick-fire experience. 

Playing online for a hot prize? We got you. Sure, Chip and Chair might be a free-to-play poker game, but we're not going to let our champs miss out on a reward! Staying true to classic poker games across the world, there's an awesome prize pot up for grabs. Each daily tournament offers a £20 prize pool of cash and poker tickets. 


How to get involved 

Pulling up a seat in our Chip and Chair tournaments is simple. Sign up to become a Bally Casino member and we'll swing the doors right open. 

Chip and Chair tournaments kick off at 6.30pm every day, so set your alarms to avoid missing out, folks. Once you're eligible to play, make sure to log in before the tournament begins to head to the poker lobby.  

Got a bud who's ready and keen to try their hand? We've got room for all the crew to join too. Each of our Chip and Chair tournaments can seat up to 1,000 players.  

So go ahead and invite your buds to join in the fun – we've got an awesome Refer a Friend scheme that'll be right up your street! All our poker games feature a free live chat feature, so you can chat to your buddies while watching the chips fall.  

Check out more poker excitement 

Poker has come a long way since it was first invented back in the 1800s. And, after the epic World Series of Poker win from Chris Moneymaker (we know, we know – what a name!), online poker has become an incredible way to experience real casino action online. 

If you want an insight into just how popular online poker is nowadays, then check this out: the World Series of Poker estimates that over 100m people play poker online, of which over 60m are based in the game’s birthplace, the USA. That's a lot of online players looking for some poker fun. 

Born to entertain, here at Bally Casino we've kitted out our virtual floor with a whole suite of slick poker tables waiting for online players to experience. We're talking friendly, low-stake tables, action-packed jackpot games, and even special prize community tournaments. It doesn't matter what kind of poker player you are; we've got something for you.  

So, there's no need to book a flight to Vegas – just hop on Bally! 

Check out the Bally Casino blog for more insights into popular casino games and how you can enjoy awesome rewards.