7 Online Casino Tips and Strategies for Your Next Session

Check out our tips for maximising your chances of landing an epic win while playing our online casino games.

Here's what you need to know for your next gaming session.

Keen to become an online casino champ? We got you. See, the majority of online casino games may rely on good ol' fashioned luck, but there's still room for y'all to roll out some strategies to help you boost your odds of coming out on top.

Don't sweat it if you're new to this world, though. The best thing about being a Bally Casino member is that you don't need to be a casino whizz to enjoy our awesome games. And the same can be said about our casino tips! Our online betting strategies and tips are super straightforward, with no frills and complicated lingo, making them accessible to every player.

So, without further ado, here are seven tips delivered straight from the finest brains in the Bally Casino team to your fingertips. Go on, keep scrolling to check them out.

Take your time and start small

We know, we know, stepping through the doors of any online casino is an exciting moment. Stepping through the doors to Bally Casino is even more exciting. But there's no rush to dive into all the action straight away. Unlike the days of slot machines being loaned out to different land-based casinos, the games aren't going anywhere fast, so you can kick back and browse the floor at your leisure.

Before you go big on the hottest games on the (online) casino floor, take some time to get to know the games available and their rules. It's no good going big if you aren't sure how the game works. And talking of going big, until you're up to speed with the game's rules, we recommend leaving those big chips in your pocket, folks.

Holding off on playing with the big bucks until you're a confident player can help limit the risk of wagering on a move you don't understand.

Check the odds before you roll

This one's for you, maths fans! At the heart of all online casino games is the mathematical concept of probability – also known as 'odds'. Betting odds are simple ways of explaining how likely it is that something will happen in a game, and what your potential winnings could be worth.

Scroll through any online casino game and you'll soon spot mentions of the Return to Player (RTP) rate. A common piece of casino slang, the RTP is a percentage used to represent the amount that casinos pay out to players relative to how much has been wagered on the game.

RTPs can't tell you your exact odds of winning the next spin, since online casino games use Random Number Generators that make it nearly impossible to predict the next outcome, but they can act as a good guide to how likely the game will pay out.

Forget superstitions 

Talking of Random Number Generators, one of our favourite online casino strategies is to forget trying predict the next move. See, with Random Number Generator software keeping the action completely random, no one knows what the next card or spin will reveal, which is part of the thrill!

There's no use wagering all your bucks on a particular number just because, or making a move based on an entirely unrelated event, like the birds flying past your window at a particular time.

Sure, some players like to think personal routines can help their chances of winning, but the truth is that RNGs do an excellent job of keeping things unpredictable. So, lean into the thrill factor and focus on enjoying the game! You could argue that this strategy is to avoid having a strategy, but it works.


Make the most of RG tools

With over 90 years in the entertainment biz, we've been in the game long enough to know every player is different, and that their experience should be too! Head to a reputable online casino site and there should be a suite of tools sitting pretty in the 'Responsible Gambling' section.

Don't let the name put you off; these tools are handy ways to optimise your playing. Take the Deposit Limits tool as an example. Designed to help you with your online casino bankroll management, the Deposit Limits tool can be customised to match your budget. Just decide your daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits and we'll send a nudge your way once you’ve hit them.

What's bankroll management got to do with becoming an online casino champ? A lot, bud! Go over your gaming budget and you could find yourself with less to play with later down the line. Keep an eye on your budget and you have more chance of walking away in the green.

Know when to call it

Online games are an awesome source of entertainment, but it's important to know when to cool off. We know you want to have fun playing online, and chasing losses isn't fun. Once you're out, take yourself out of the action.

Remember those RG tools? There are plenty that can help you with this strategy, including the Session Reminders option. With the Session Reminders tool, you can activate a virtual timer that'll let you know when to hop out of the action.

Don't forget the Deposit Limits tool, either. It'll help you with this strategy too.

Keep an eye on casino promotions

Online casinos are big on offering exciting promotions to their members. Be sure to opt-in to hear about the latest promotional deals to avoid missing out on chances to land prizes like free spins and real money.

We're talking free slot spins, chances to test drive the freshest card games, bonus rounds and more - all designed to boost your playing experience. Play your promotional offers right and you could walk away with cash in your wallet and more gaming experience under your belt.

Pick a good casino

It might seem obvious, but this is a tip sometimes overlooked when next to the bright lights of fancy tips and mathematical strategies. Our best tip for boosting your chances of winning online? Pick a legitimate casino.

It's no good landing a jackpot if the casino doesn't pay it to you. Forget playing on cowboy casino sites – these sites give our buds in the Wild West a bad name. Make sure you're playing at an online casino that is safe, regulated, and licensed.

Look for an established brand with an easy-to-use website, active social media presence, and a customer service team committed to delivering a slick online gaming experience. Bonus points if their customer service team is available 24/7, and they host their Gambling Commission license in pride of place on their website.


5 bonus tips just for you

Hungry for more? We've got you. Here's some bonus content to sink your teeth into. Kind of like the extras at the end of a really cool movie.

Bankroll management tips

Everyone's got their own budget – and that's what we like to see at Bally Casino. But do you know what makes a good budget? Or how to manage your bankroll once you've got it? Follow these steps and you'll be ace:

  1. Decide your budget. This should consider your fixed costs (these are the non-negotiables, like your regular bills) against your income, so you can see how much is left in the pot. Once you've run the maths, you can dedicate parts of the pot to different things, like entertainment.
  2. Break it down. Got your budget set? Now it's time to break it into daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits with our Deposit Limits tool. Figure out how much you can afford to lose over the time period and don't go over.
  3. Make sure your limits are up-to-date: No stress if your budget flexes. Just remember to check in on your limits. Log into your Bally Casino account and head to 'Play Responsibly' via 'My Account'. You'll find everything you need to update your deposit limits there.

Time management tips

There's no need to buy an old-school alarm clock for your gaming sessions. Just remember our three tips:

  1. Allocate your time. You budget your bucks, so why not budget your time? Allocate time for your responsibilities and hobbies, so nothing gets missed.
  2. Set session reminders. We've got more handy tools where Deposit Limits come from! Check out the Session Reminders tool to let us know how long you want to game for and we'll give you a heads-up when it's getting close to your time.
  3. Five more minutes is never just five minutes. Don't go ignoring your alarm. When you've got to go, go.

Understanding betting odds

There are two popular ways of explaining gambling odds: fractions and percentages. Typically used by sports bettors, fractional odds are written as 5/1, 3:2 etc., while percentage odds are, well, percentages. Y'all know what we mean by this; percentage odds can be 30%, 50%, etc.

Percentage odds are simple to understand. If there's a 50% chance of winning, then there's an equal chance that you could win or lose. At 90%, though, your odds of winning are much higher.

Fractional odds can be trickier. To understand what they mean, you can use the following equation or deploy some quick maths: How much you could win / your wager value.

So, if you wagered £1 at 5/1, then you'll win £5, plus your wager will be returned. If you wager £3 at these odds, then you'd get £15, plus £3 back.

Online casinos use RTP rates, which you can find in the game information before hitting 'Play' and during the game. RTP rates are also cool to check out if you want to know the house edge on a game.


What to avoid when playing at online casinos

It's no good brushing up on our top online gaming tips and strategies if you end up making cowboy moves. Here's what you need to know to stay safe and secure:

  • License to operate. All gambling operators in the UK need to have a stamp of approval from the Gambling Commission. You'll find this in the shape of a fancy gambling license, which should be housed on the casino’s homepage online.
  • Banking options. The bigger, more reputable, online gaming sites will have multiple banking and withdrawal options for you to choose from, such as debit card payments, Paypal etc.
  • Keep personal details, personal. You wouldn't share your full name, address and contact details with everyone in a land-based casino (we hope), so why would you online? Keep those cards close to your chest, folks.
  • Read our complete guide. You asked, we answered. We've got a guide for staying safe at online casinos just for you.

How to choose the right online casino for you

Ready to experience the action for yourself? It's time to pick an online casino that's right for you. Crossing the cowboy sites off the list will only get you so far. We want our buds to play somewhere that offers epic entertainment, with exciting games, promotions and awesome bonuses available.

Sound good? Of course, it does. The good news is that there are virtual casino sites out there with fun offerings. The better news is that we've got you covered. Here at Bally Casino, we aren't just big on entertainment. We're big on rewards and service, too. We're American-style big.

We've packed up all the excitement from over 14 incredible Bally's land-based casinos in the USA and shipped it across to the UK, so you can tap into all the action of Vegas, Atlantic City, and Chicago on your phone.

And don't worry if you've got more casino questions up your sleeves. Our commitment to that famous 5-star American service means our hosts will be right there to help. That's the Bally Casino way.

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